Our top recommendations for Pancakes in Sydney

If you are looking for pancakes for your next Sunday brunch, make sure you check out our list below first!

We have never met anyone who does not like pancakes… so there must not be many people out there who are not a fan of them. It does not matter what age you are, pancakes are always a go to at breakfast, lunch or dessert, especially when you are out with family and friends.

With that being said, here are our top cafes in Sydney where we would recommend you get your next pancake fix from!

1. Fig & Co

Fig & Co is located in the rural suburb of Kenhurst in Sydney’s North-West. They are open seven days a week and to top it off, they are pet friendly, so you will be able to bring the whole family! Their menu changes sometimes but there is usually some kind of variation of their fluffy pancakes on there. The last time we went, we got a four stack of pancakes with chocolate, strawberries, biscuit and cream!

2. Girdlers Cafe

Girdlers cafe has a few locations across the Northern Beaches – Dee Why, Brookevale, Manly and Avalon. They are open seven days a week and serve wholesome food and organic coffee. Their pancakes are known as ‘Pancake Revolution’ and includes fluffy buckwheat, banana and coconut pancakes with berry compote, organic coconut ice cream, pistachios and mandarin dust. You can then select if you want organic maple syrup, homemade chocolate sauce or homemade salted caramel sauce.

3. XS Expresso

XS Expresso has made quite a name for themselves when it comes to pancakes. They have 18 locations across Sydney and Newcastle so there is bound to be one close by to you. They are also open seven days a week and you will find them open until 10pm every night. They have quite a few different pancakes on their menu to pick from. They include their XS Ricotta Hotcakes, Maple Stack and Belgium Stack. All of them taste delicious, so it just depends on what you are feeling like on the day.

We hope you enjoyed our choices of the best pancakes in Sydney. Let us know if you try them out or if you have any other recommendations!

If you are not planning to venture out to a cafe for pancakes and prefer breakfast in bed, here is a pancake maker for home: Kambrook Pancake Maker.

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Where to find a sausage sizzle in Sydney

It is that time of year again, Australia Day! No matter what you are doing today, your inner Australian is probably yelling out for a sausage sizzle. Am I right?

We’ve put together the some of the sausage sizzle places we are aware of in the Sydney region. Let us know if there are any others you know of!

1. Bunnings Warehouse

If you aren’t aware of this one, are you even Australian? Bunnings has been the go to for a good weekend sausage sizzle for some time now. And for just $2.50 you can have your typical white bread with a diagonal sausage and sauce. The best part is their sales go towards charities and community groups, which is great!

Photo by – The Brag (Sausage Sizzle)

Where can you find them: Everywhere, check their website for your closest one
When are they open: Depends on each store

2. Good Co Coffee

If you’re in the CBD during the week and need your sausage fix, Good Co Coffee is the place for you. They serve New York style street food, which includes your good ol sausage on bread, it costs $5. You can find them outside the NAB building on George St. Only downside is the they are only open during the week.

Where can you find them? 255 George St, Sydney
When are they open? Mon-Fri 7am-5pm

3. Club York

Another CBD sausage sizzle is at Club York. On the 3rd Wednesday of the month, they sell their sausage sizzle for $3 and all proceeds go to a charity of their choice. Another great cause to get behind, when you’re craving a sausage. The $3’s also includes a beer or soft drink to go with your meal.

Where can you find them? 95-99 York St, Sydney
When are they open? Sun 11am-7:30pm or Mon-Tues 10am-12am or Tues-Sat 10am-1am

Photo by Thomas Bormans on Unsplash

Enjoy your sausage sizzle and have a lovely long weekend!

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New hidden cafe gem – North Sydney

You know we love to find the new trendy places on the block, but, we especially love to find the little ones hidden in not so obvious places. We recently came across pop-up cafe Torpedoes!

If pastries, avocados, toasties and a good coffee are on the top of your list for brunch then this is the place to find it. It has opened up on an old torpedo factory where they are turning the foreshore of North Sydney into a public area! They even have tours for any history lovers to see firsthand the improvements that have been made and what it use to be during the war.

Photography: Yusuke Oba

We’re so excited to see cafe’s opening in this newly re-developed area and we can’t wait to see this place come to life with more cafe openings and stunning views of the harbour!

Where can you find them: Sub Base Platypus, 120 High Street, North Sydney
Opening hours (we love a cafe open 7 days a week):
Mon to Thu 7.30am–3pm
Fri to Sun 7.30am–7pm