American style cafes and restaurants in Sydney

If you are looking for an American themed dining experience in Sydney, you actually have quite a few options to pick from. From American style diners to Southern California bars, there is bound to be something from this list for you.

1. So Cal, Sydney

Southern California is famous for its Mexican food and you can experience it too in Neutral Bay at So Cal Sydney. They are a share-style street food bar that features all your Latin American favourites. Lets great straight to the tacos, you can select from grilled fish, crumbed prawn, soft shell crab, house-smoked pork or mushroom and there is a large selection of share dishes to pair it with. You will also find quesadillas if that is more your thing and to top it off churros for dessert! They also host Taco Tuesday, Happy Hour and a Bottomless Rose Lunch.

2. Surly’s, Darlinghurst

Surly’s is everyone’s favourite all-american tavern and offers an authentic taste of Nashville. On the menu you will find fried chicken, brisket, wings, burgers, fries and more, they do consider themselves ‘home of the brisket’. If you attend on a Thursday, you will be able to get 1kg of wings and a schooner for $20! They also have the Ultimate BBQ Platter that serves four people for $120 or your own individual platter for $50.

3. Delicious Desserts, Windsor

If you are ever craving the Dole Pineapple Soft-serve from Hawaii or Disneyland, you can also find it out in Windsor, about 60kms from the Sydney CBD. They also have many other flavours to pick from and they have a ‘Friends’ themed seating area with the famous couch! You can also get some popular American candies here too as well as merchandise.

4. Karen’s Diner, Sydney

If you love a good American-style burgers then Karen’s Diner is the place for you. The menu consists of chicken wings, burgers and signature cocktails. This isn’t you usual American diner when it comes too the service though. It is an interactive experience, you can complain all you want to the staff and they will give it right back to you (just like your typical Karen). You also get a free drink if your name is Karen!

5. Bernies Diner, Moss Vale

Now this one requires a bit of a road trip, however it is worth it! The diner looks like your typical art deco american diner from the 1950’s, which is great for your Instagram pics! On the menu you will find burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, sundaes, shakes and hot drinks. You will also find donuts which is a must on any American inspired menu!

Let us know if you decide to try any of the american inspired cafes and restaurants mentioned above!

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