Our top recommendations for Pancakes in Sydney

If you are looking for pancakes for your next Sunday brunch, make sure you check out our list below first!

We have never met anyone who does not like pancakes… so there must not be many people out there who are not a fan of them. It does not matter what age you are, pancakes are always a go to at breakfast, lunch or dessert, especially when you are out with family and friends.

With that being said, here are our top cafes in Sydney where we would recommend you get your next pancake fix from!

1. Fig & Co

Fig & Co is located in the rural suburb of Kenhurst in Sydney’s North-West. They are open seven days a week and to top it off, they are pet friendly, so you will be able to bring the whole family! Their menu changes sometimes but there is usually some kind of variation of their fluffy pancakes on there. The last time we went, we got a four stack of pancakes with chocolate, strawberries, biscuit and cream!

2. Girdlers Cafe

Girdlers cafe has a few locations across the Northern Beaches – Dee Why, Brookevale, Manly and Avalon. They are open seven days a week and serve wholesome food and organic coffee. Their pancakes are known as ‘Pancake Revolution’ and includes fluffy buckwheat, banana and coconut pancakes with berry compote, organic coconut ice cream, pistachios and mandarin dust. You can then select if you want organic maple syrup, homemade chocolate sauce or homemade salted caramel sauce.

3. XS Expresso

XS Expresso has made quite a name for themselves when it comes to pancakes. They have 18 locations across Sydney and Newcastle so there is bound to be one close by to you. They are also open seven days a week and you will find them open until 10pm every night. They have quite a few different pancakes on their menu to pick from. They include their XS Ricotta Hotcakes, Maple Stack and Belgium Stack. All of them taste delicious, so it just depends on what you are feeling like on the day.

We hope you enjoyed our choices of the best pancakes in Sydney. Let us know if you try them out or if you have any other recommendations!

If you are not planning to venture out to a cafe for pancakes and prefer breakfast in bed, here is a pancake maker for home: Kambrook Pancake Maker.

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