Top 5 places for ice cream in Sydney

Who doesn’t love ice-cream? With the current soaring temperatures in Sydney at the moment, ice-cream is especially needed in our lives haha! But, why have regular ice-cream when you can have out of the ordinary, fancy ice-cream? We’ve done the hard work for you and found some of the best spots to find this treat in Sydney.

Heet Tea

We can’t leave out our bubble tea lovers when it comes to ice cream choices. Heet Tea in Burwood, is the place to be to find soft-serve milk tea flavoured ice cream! Amazing, I know and it is as good as you expected, especially with the added pearls inside. I dream of one of these opening closer to my house to I can have it more often.

Pimp my Chimney

If food trucks are more your style then Pimp my Chimney, may be your calling. They travel around to different locations serving ice cream in cones made of doughnut. It is actually delicious and you look forward to eating the cone instead of just the ice cream! I just recommend you eat it quick before the warm cone melts the ice cream all over you.

Cafe Crop, Stratfield

What about Korean ice cream? You may have come across the name Bingsu, which is a Korean ice cream that comes in many flavours. Cafe Crop sells this near Strathefield Station. My personal favourite is the melon flavoured Bingsu, it also has real melon instead as well. All there servings are for 2 or more so I suggest you bring a friend.

Duo Duo

Another food truck to add to our list of best ice cream places in Sydney is Duo Duo as we couldn’t leave deep fried ice cream off the list. They move around a lot, but you can generally find them in the inner west. They usually sell 2 flavours of ice cream at a time, the two times we have been, they have had different flavours. I guess that gives you more reason to keep going back for more haha!

Cow and the Moon

This place definitely wins the contestant for best range of flavours. It is easy to get overwhelmed by your choices here, but that isn’t a bad thing when it comes to ice cream. Every flavour is beautifully presented. They have your normal every day flavours as well as a few unique ones. Every time we go we try a different one (you’ve got the try them all haha)

Enjoy your ice cream adventures and make sure to not get a brain freeze!

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